Teen Creek Fest

By Teens, For Teens

We would like to dedicate this page to YOAB. YOAB has been instrumental in supporting our event and helped to heavily fund our community efforts. We would also like to mention the Lesson Studio, Woodsongs, Boulder Crafts and Arts, The Drum Shop, and Taylor Guitars for giving prizes and funding to involve more community members. These sponsors are supporting the arts in our community. 


Battle of the Bands Competition

at 2018 Teen Creek Fest


 The following bands have qualified to perform at Teen Creek Fest 2018 on May 27th, 2018! 

Please read the information below regarding your performance. 


1. Back line is Provided:

The Teen Creek Fest will provide a Drum set, Piano, Guitar Amps, and Microphones. Please do not bring your own items as you will be required to use our Back line due to time constraints. 

2. What You Need to Bring:

Make sure you bring our own guitars and a few guitar pedals (if necessary). 

3. Please Show up 30 minutes prior to your scheduled performance time:

You will have 15 minutes to perform, but please show up 30 minutes prior to set up. 

4. Be tuned:

Please come early enough to tune and be ready to perform. You will have 15 minutes to perform and a total of 15 minutes to set up on stage. Please come prepared and ready to be fast and do your best. 

5. Award Ceremony

Please be present at 5:00 pm on May 27th, 2018. After the performances at 5:00 pm the awards and prizes will be given out! Good Luck!

Performance Times:

2:30 pm - Bad Choices

3:00 pm - The Greater Good

3:30 pm - Season Breakers

4:00 pm - Eclipse

4:30 pm - 80% Human

5:00 pm - Required Award/Prize Ceremony

This will take place on May 27th, 2018. Please show up 30 minutes prior to your scheduled time. There is a map of the location on our home page. 



1st Place: You will have 45 minute performance time on Monday May 28th to open the professional performances.  Also $200 in cash as a first place prize. 

2nd Place: There will also be a $150 cash prize. Also Gift Cards from HB Woodsongs, Drum Shop, The Lesson Studio, and The Boulder Piano Gallery. 

Good Luck!