Teen Creek Fest

By Teens, For Teens

Teen Creek Fest Sponsors 2018

     The Teen Creek Festival is an area of the Boulder Creek Festival dedicated to us, your community of teens. This is a place for us to have a voice through art, music, theater, dance, poetry, sport, performances and a variety of our ever-growing interests.

     Your contribution will help us with the funding we need to host performances, interactive booths, marketing materials, web support, graphic design and prize money for many of our teen contests.

   Your participation helps you reach over 500,000 who attend the biggest event of the year on Memorial Day weekend….The Boulder Creek Festival. Let’s work together to let teens know who you are!

      Below is a list of sponsorship options to choose from. Because our mission is to give us an opportunity to learn business and life skills, these are priced to make it easy for you get involved and help us succeed.

  •     Please make your check payable to Boulder Creek Events.

  •    Send a high quality resolution of your logo along with a paragraph describing your business to [email protected]

  •      Provide any swag or hand outs you wish to have present at the festival to the following location, The Lesson Studio, 3200 Valmont Rd. Unit 8. Deadline for these materials TBD.

Choose from below or purchase all for the price of $125.00 - savings of $70.00

 Description and Benefits
Performance Stage Banner
Your logo will be added to our sponsorship banner located on our performance stage.
Website and Social Advertising 
Your business will be added to our website’s sponsor page with a link and blurb added. This stays up till May 1st 2016. You will also be advertised through our social networks periodically throughout the year.
Your logo will be added to the back of our teen staff t-shirts.
Your logo will be added to the Teen Area Brochure.
  Stage Announcement
You will be mentioned as one of the sponsors who helped support the teen area between performances.
  Promotional Materials
You will be provided a table along with our other sponsors to put business cards, brochures and reasonable promotional materials for our teens to pick up and take home.
  In-Person Announcement
You will be given 5 minutes on stage to promote your business as it pertains to teens.
 Package Deal
Purchase all of the above for the discounted price.
 $125.00 (savings of ($70)

We also encourage you to donate gift certificates and giveaways!

These will be received by our prize winning teens for a variety of our contests, including our marquee events, Battle of the Bands, Singer/Songwriter Competition, Art Attack Competition and many others.

A Big Thanks to All of Our 2017 Sponsors!